Design and animate motion graphic videos easily.

Endless possibilities. No expensive software. No experience needed. 

OFFEO is running Closed Beta now.
Access will be released in batches, thank you for your patience.

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Animation studio at your fingertips.

Beautiful graphics for your video.

Simple motion design platform for everyone.

Easy to start.

Hundreds of designer templates to get you inspired.

Live preview. Intuitive.

World's first online video platform that allows you to view animation changes on the spot.

Full creative control.

Keep your brand consistent. Customize your videos to suit your campaigns.

Drag and drop. Easy.

Effects and design elements within a matter of clicks. You simply can't get enough of it.

Thousands of pre-animated graphics. Use responsibly.

Complex animation tools made easy for everyone. The video creation playground you ever dream of.

Suitable for all social media platforms.


1. What exactly is OFFEO?

OFFEO is your personal motion graphics video editor. You can create amazing videos without the need for video editing skills or expensive software. 

2. Why OFFEO?

We believe that video creation should be made easy without any technical limitation. that is placed on them. OFFEO is a better, easier and less time-consuming method of making amazing looking motion graphic videos.

3. Motion Graphics? What's that?

Motion Graphics is a combination of animation and graphic design so that they are more engaging and memorable comparing to still images.

4. Why would OFFEO have a waiting list? How long do I have to wait to get access?

OFFEO is a young and growing cloud-based video creation service. We have a waiting list to ensure a quality experience for our users. Because of our limited resources, we can only accommodate a limited number of users (Private Beta) for our service before it can be rolled out to a wider audience. Stay updated with our progress on Instagram as we work hard to bring you the best online video maker.

5. Why should I sign up for OFFEO's early access?

Apart from getting priority in using our design-driven video editing platform, we are providing our early access users with exclusive rewards and perks. Sign up with your email to find out more.

6. How about copyright? And commercial use?

All of OFFEO’s creative assets are provided to you royalty free, attribution free and suitable for commercial use. For further details, please refer to Offeo’s Terms of Service.

7. Are my videos safe?

Yes they are. OFFEO will never use your videos. You own the videos and you get to decide where to show them.

8. Where can I post the edited video?

You can post your edited videos anywhere! Our videos are typically well suited for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. You can also publish your edited videos on your own website/blog.

Join the motion revolution.

Create breathtaking videos. That even the professionals envy.